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Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
Generate Maximum-Likelihood Augmented Discrete Generative Adversarial Networks PDF Tkach PDF + GaoJi Pdf
Generate Graphical Generative Adversarial Networks PDF Arshdeep PDF
Generate GraphRNN: Generating Realistic Graphs with Deep Auto-regressive Models, ICML2018 PDF Arshdeep PDF
Generate Inference in probabilistic graphical models by Graph Neural Networks PDF Arshdeep PDF
Generate Encoding robust representation for graph generation Pdf Arshdeep PDF
Generate Junction Tree Variational Autoencoder for Molecular Graph Generation Pdf Tkach PDF + Arshdeep Pdf
Generate Graph Convolutional Policy Network for Goal-Directed Molecular Graph Generation NeurIPS18   Tkach PDF
Generate Towards Variational Generation of Small Graphs Pdf Tkach PDF + Arshdeep Pdf
Generate Convolutional Imputation of Matrix Networks Pdf Tkach PDF
Generate Graph Convolutional Matrix Completion Pdf Tkach PDF
Generate NetGAN: Generating Graphs via Random Walks ICML18 [ULR] Tkach PDF
Beam Stochastic Beams and Where to Find Them: The Gumbel-Top-k Trick for Sampling Sequences Without Replacement URL Tkach PDF