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My tutorial talk about jointnets at UCLA computational genomics summer school 2019

Here is the slide of my tutorial talk at UCLA computational genomics summer school 2019.

Slides: PDF

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A Series of Tutorials We wrote to explain the JointSGGM tools we built

So far, we have released the following Tutorials:

No. Tutorial Name
1 Review I: Probability Foundations
2 Review II: Gaussian Graphical Model Basics
3 Review III: Markov Random Field and Log Linear Model
4 Review IV: A Unified Framework for M-estimaotr and Elementary Estimators
5 Review V: Sparse Gaussian Graphical Model estimators
6 Review VI: Multi-task sGGMs and optimization challenges
7 Review VII: Multi-task sGGMs estimators
8 Review VIII: Three metrics for evaluating estimators/learners
9 Reviews: Combined all Tutorials for Joint-sGGMs
10 201807-Beilun-Defense Talk
11 2018-BeilunDefense + 2017-AllJointGGTutorials


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