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Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
Chao Maximizing Subset Accuracy with Recurrent Neural Networks in Multi-label Classification PDF PDF
Jack FastXML: A Fast, Accurate and Stable Tree-classifier for eXtreme Multi-label Learning PDF PDF
BasicMLC Multi-Label Classification: An Overview PDF  
SPEN Structured Prediction Energy Networks PDF  
InfNet Learning Approximate Inference Networks for Structured Prediction PDF  
SPENMLC Deep Value Networks PDF  
Adversarial Semantic Segmentation using Adversarial Networks PDF  
EmbedMLC StarSpace: Embed All The Things! PDF  
deepMLC CNN-RNN: A Unified Framework for Multi-label Image Classification/ CVPR 2016 PDF  
deepMLC Order-Free RNN with Visual Attention for Multi-Label Classification / AAAI 2018 PDF