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Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
QA A Comparison of Current Graph Database Models Pdf + PDF2 Bill PDF
QA Open Domain Question Answering Using Early Fusion of Knowledge Bases and Text Pdf Bill [PDF + GaoJi Pdf
QA Generative Question Answering: Learning to Answer the Whole Question, Mike Lewis, Angela Fan Pdf Bill PDF + GaoJi Pdf
QA Learning to Reason Science Exam Questions with Contextual Knowledge Graph Embeddings / Knowledge Graph Embedding via Dynamic Mapping Matrix PDF + Pdf Bill PDF + GaoJi Pdf
Text Adversarial Text Generation via Feature-Mover’s Distance URL Faizan PDF
Text Content preserving text generation with attribute controls URL Faizan PDF
Text Multiple-Attribute Text Rewriting, ICLR, 2019, URL Faizan PDF
Text Writeprints: a stylometric approach to identity level identification and similarity detection in cyberSpace URL Faizan PDF