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Type Papers Paper URL Our Slides
Dr Qi Survey of 10 DeepLearning (DL) trends different from classic machine learning   OurSlide
Youtube Generative DL Basics Youtube1 + Youtube2 NA
Youtube Computation Graph for DL (pytorch vs. tensorflow Youtube URL + Youtube2 NA
Youtube Auto Differentiation for DL Youtube1+ Youtube2 NA
Youtube RL basics and DL-RL basics Youtube1 + Youtube2 NA
Youtube Probabilistic programming and in DL Pyro Youtube1 + Youtube2 NA
Youtube Basics of Software Testing for DL Youtube URL NA
Course Bill_CNN_Ng_Lecture_Notes   Bill’s Notes
Course Bill_caltechMLnotes_ALL   Bill’s Notes
classic Paper The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis   Morris’ Notes
classic Paper NLP From Scratch   Morris’ Notes
classic Paper Statistical Modeling The Two Cultures   Morris’ Notes
classic Paper Attention_is_All_You_Need   Eli’ Notes
classic Paper YOLO   Eli’ Notes
classic Paper Neural Turing Machine   Jake Survey
classic Paper BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representation for Transformers): Pretraining of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding   Rishab Survey