Website "deep2Read" for UVA Qdata Group's Deep Learning Journal Club

This website includes a (growing) list of papers and lectures we read about deep learning and related. Feel free to submit pull requests when you find my typos or have comments. The covered materials are by no means an exhaustive list, but are papers that we have read or plan to learn in our reading group.

About this website:

About the Sidebar and how we group the readings



Course Basics and General Description

(The following content is for when we have the seminar course)



Course Grading Policy

The grade will be calculated as follows:


  1. Full reference of the paper
  2. Motivations / Why needed ? / Why important ?
  3. Previous solutions
  4. Key insights
  5. Key equations
  6. Key conclusions
  7. Goals achieved: / Under what restrictions or assumptions;

Logistics Information

The Course Schedule Reference : The official Academic Calendar at UVA Registrar