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My tutorial talk at ACM-BCB 2018

Here are the slides of tutorial talk I gave at ACM-BCB 2018.

Title: Making Deep Learning Understandable for Analyzing Sequential Data about Gene Regulation

Part I Slides: PDF

Part II Slides:PDF

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My Summary Talk about DeepChrome-AttentiveChrome-DeepMotif

Here are the slides of lecture talks I gave at UCLA CGWI and NLM-CBB seminar about our deep learning tools: DeepChrome, AttentiveChrome and DeepMotif.

Slides: PDF

Recorded Video of My Talk

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My Talk in 2013 about our DeepLearning Works on Protein and BioNLP datasets

Here are the slides of one lecture talk I gave at UVA CPHG Seminar Series in 2014 about our deep learning tools back then.

Slides: @URL

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