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Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
DeepBind Predicting the sequence specificities of DNA- and RNA-binding proteins by deep learning PDF  
DeepSEA Deep learning sequence-based ab initio prediction of variant effects on expression and disease risk PDF  
DeepSEA Deep Supervised and Convolutional Generative Stochastic Network for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction, ICML 2014    
BioBasics A method for integrating and ranking the evidence for biochemical pathways by mining reactions from text, Bioinformatics13    
BioBasics Efficient counting of k-mers in DNA sequences using a Bloom filter. Melsted P, Pritchard JK. BMC Bioinformatics. 2011    
BioBasics Fast String Kernels using Inexact Matching for Protein Sequence, JMLR 2004    
BioBasics NIPS09: Locality-Sensitive Binary Codes from Shift-Invariant Kernels    
MedSignal Segmenting Time Series: A Survey and Novel Approach, PDF