Recent Readings for Meta, Multitask, Transfer topics in Deep Neural Networks (since 2017)

7MetaDomain (Index of Posts):

No. Read Date Title and Information We Read @
1 2019, Dec, 7 deep2reproduce 2019 Fall - 7MetaDomain papers 2019-fall Students deep2reproduce
2 2018, Oct, 25 Structure18- DNNs Varying Structures 2018-team
3 2017, Jan, 18 Basic16- Basic Deep NN with Memory 2017-team

[1]: Basic16- Basic Deep NN with Memory

0Basics 2Architecture 7MetaDomain memory NTM seq2seq pointer set attention meta-learning Few-Shot matching net metric-learning
Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
seq2seq Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks PDF  
Set Pointer Networks PDF  
Set Order Matters: Sequence to Sequence for Sets PDF  
Point Attention Multiple Object Recognition with Visual Attention PDF  
Memory End-To-End Memory Networks PDF Jack Survey
Memory Neural Turing Machines PDF  
Memory Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory PDF  
Muthu Matching Networks for One Shot Learning (NIPS16) 1 PDF PDF
Jack Meta-Learning with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks (ICML16) 2 PDF PDF
Metric ICML07 Best Paper - Information-Theoretic Metric Learning PDF  

[2]: Structure18- DNNs Varying Structures

2Architecture 8Scalable 7MetaDomain Architecture-Search Hyperparameter dynamic
Presenter Papers Paper URL Our Slides
Arshdeep Learning Transferable Architectures for Scalable Image Recognition PDF PDF
Arshdeep FractalNet: Ultra-Deep Neural Networks without Residuals PDF PDF

[3]: deep2reproduce 2019 Fall - 7MetaDomain papers

7MetaDomain BERT Transfer Multi-task regularization
Team INDEX Title & Link Tags Our Slide
T11 Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning for NLP meta, BERT, text, Transfer OurSlide
T22 Deep Asymmetric Multi-task Feature Learning meta, regularization, Multi-task OurSlide