RL IV - RL with varying structures

Presenter Papers Information OurPresentation
Ceyer Reinforcement Learning with Unsupervised Auxiliary Tasks, ICLR17 PDF  
Beilun Why is Posterior Sampling Better than Optimism for Reinforcement Learning? Ian Osband, Benjamin Van Roy PDF  
Ji Deeply AggreVaTeD: Differentiable Imitation Learning for Sequential Prediction, ICML17 PDF  
Xueying End-to-End Differentiable Adversarial Imitation Learning, ICML17 PDF  
  Deep Value Networks Learn to Evaluate and Iteratively Refine Structured Outputs, ICML17 PDF  
  Cooperative Visual Dialogue with Deep RL RLSS17pdf + video  
  FeUdal Networks for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, ICML17 PDF